Siberian husky puppy pictures

Lots and lots of Siberian husky puppy pictures for you to enjoy.
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33 thoughts on “Siberian husky puppy pictures”

  1. Text us at 4107056948 Super cute Siberian Husky are still available for any lovey home. We have two puppies for adoption, one male and one female. Vet checked, AKC registered and disease free. They are 10 weeks old now. Will be coming with all health papers. Super cute Siberian Husky are still available

  2. I have a 22 month old beautiful (two) blue eyed siberian husky girl. I would dearly love another one, female with two blue eyes. We exercise every day at the beaches where we live in Caloundra QLD. She never eats dog food, I make her meals everynight and make her treats, she does not eat any preservative/additive anything. I would love for her to have a mate. It would be so good if I can get a give away or rescue husky. If anyone knows of a pup/young husky my email is *contact for details*, preferably free.

  3. I have a 10month old female husky she is so loving had her since a baby would love another to keep her company as it says they r best in packs I also have a male German shepard but he can not keep up with her energy levels poor thing

  4. they are beautiful and have pretty fur .i try to convence my mom to get one but she said where are we going to put it i tell her in the house .but they always say that cause the dog in ur house they bring

  5. I’m interested in adopting a Australian husky are dog just passed away and would love for sweetie to have a play mate

    1. Hi Laura,
      This is just my blog about huskies. While i would love to run a dog refuge its not possible for me atm. I would suggest you contact all refuges/pounds near you and give them your details and ask them to contact you if a husky comes in. Also keep an eye in the paper classifieds i got my female that way. Her old owners couldn’t keep her, it was win win. I find alot of misled people buy huskies not realising there needs and then need to re-house them. it makes me sad

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