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Legend of the North

The Siberian husky could be a brilliant, hardy work dog bred as a working dog. they typically live and add the northern climates. Since the Twenties a lot of and a lot of Siberian Huskies are bred as pets and show dogs.


The Chukchi, associate ancient those who board geographic region, bred the Siberian husky for thousands of years as a working dog to assist them move round the field whereas in search of food and to flee hostile invaders. In 1909 the Siberian husky was brought into Last Frontier as a working dog for gold miners. In 1925 groups of Siberian Huskies power-assisted within the transition of contagion vaccinum over a treacherous 600 mile trek across Last Frontier. Classified as a working party dog, the Siberian was licenced by the yank Kennel Club in 1930.


The male stands 21-23.5 inches tall. His weight is 45-60 pounds. The bitch stands at 20-22 inches tall. Her weight is 35-50 pounds.

Their coat could be a woolly undercoat with a extended coat of hair. they’ll be black, tan, red; or white. Their noses area unit black, tan, or a “snow nose” that includes a pink center encircled by black or tan.

Siberian Huskies will have blue or brown eyes, be bi-eyed (one blue, one brown) or partial-eyed (half brown, half blue).

It has medium, triangular ears that set high on and shut to the top.

The tail is fox-like and curls upwards.


The Siberian husky could be a friendly, intelligent, non-aggressive dog. they’re disobedient although, that makes them tough to coach. Siberian Huskies rarely bark however they howl persistently. they’re at risk of wandering and have a keen prey sense. Huskies can hunt little animals, even the family cat, if given the chance. This dog could be a digger naturally and can dig out of its ambit if the fence isn’t set a minimum of a foot within the ground. The Siberian could be a runner associated needs up to an hour of exercise on a daily basis. they are doing not bespeak well within the heat.


Siberian Huskies area unit at risk of eye diseases such as: membrane dystrophy, hereditary juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and eye disease.

Sled dogs usually suffer from cartilaginous tube disorders and varied channel ailments like redness and ulcers.

Another downside within the Siberian is displacement of the canal which might be corrected surgically.

A disease characterized by flaking, hair loss, and scaling particularly round the face and body openings is caused by a deficiency in atomic number 30 and is incredibly common in Siberian Huskies. Treatment consists of taking atomic number 30 supplements orally.

Huskies live to be 11-15 years ancient.

The Siberian husky could be a majestic and exquisite dog that demands plenty of attention and care. you ought to assume long and arduous before exploit one as a pet as a result of owning a Husky needs patience and time.

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